What is a Specialty Occupation, and How to Deal with it?

Specialty Occupation

So, you did everything right and filed your H-1B petition. You have submitted it with all the forms and supporting documents. But while USCIS has reviewed your petition, they issued a request for evidence (RFE) as they are not convinced. What possibly can go wrong? If you are looking for help here comes International Evaluations, as our experts providing position evaluation services can guide you to combat the challenge.

What is a “specialty occupation”?

According to USCIS, a specialty occupation is a job that is specialized and should have the following basic standards,1) knowledge from a specific field of study and 2) At least a Bachelor’s degree in an academic field related to the work. Besides, the job position needs to meet the standards of the USCIS as the specific duties of the position are so specialized that only a person with a US bachelor’s degree or higher related to the responsivities of the role could perform. Therefore, when USCIS challenges for a position as a specialty occupation, it sends the petitioner a request for evidence (RFE)asking s/he to demonstrate how the position meets the criteria. The RFE will have all the criteria mentioned why the petition did not meet.

Expert Opinion Letter to strengthen your petition

It is essential that for immigration application an Expert Opinion Letter is required. It can increase your visa petition at various stages including RFE. Here, at International Evaluations, we specialize in providing an expert opinion letter. It is being performed by a university professor to discuss whether the applicant should pursue in the US. Therefore, with careful analysis, an expert opinion letter should contain a statement of evidence for the beneficiary well-documented with sufficient evidence and information.

It isn’t quite so simple, as you can see you need to require a specific educational background for a job. We have developed a successful strategy for meeting specialty occupation RFE. This is done with the help of our experts. They are ready to take up your case to defend positions in your area of the field. If you have a specialty occupation that needs evaluating, you can contact us at International Evaluation to help you.

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