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Beneficiary Qualification Letter

The evaluators at International Evaluation determine if a profession qualifies as a “Specialty Occupation” because it requires a bachelor’s degree in a specialised field. In addition, the Beneficiary Qualification Letter assesses if the candidate’s educational and/or professional history qualifies for the proposed position of employment.

A Beneficiary Qualification Letter identifies, analyses and measures the job position in reference to specialty occupation requirements. Specialty occupation “is defined as” an occupation that requires:

Requirements to Qualify For Specialty Occupation:

USCIS imposes stringent immigration standards. If you apply for any form of visa and the USCIS determines that you do not qualify for the position for which you are applying, they will demand that you submit an RFE. The solution is just a click away. Our Beneficiary Qualification Letter is a letter that helps a petitioner strengthen his case while applying for a foreign position by demonstrating that he is qualified in the specialist area for the position being sought.

What’s Needed
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