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What is Academic Evaluation?

For overseas students and professionals looking for education or career prospects in the USA, this service is provided in relation to assessments and evaluations of academic qualifications. We assess academic and professional degrees obtained in two different countries. The team of experts will help you decide your level of education in terms of degree/diploma equivalent and number of years studied so that you can apply to the best educational institutions in the United States. Each institution has specific criteria for admitting students into their programs.

At International Evaluations, we offer credential evaluations via our Academic Evaluation Services to assist international students in presenting their prior coursework and grades to educational institutions in order to apply for admission.

Documents Required

  • Degress: Transcripts and degree certificates of all the degrees
  • Schools: Certificates of Secondary and Higher Secondary School (High School as per the American Education System)

Note: Your document should be in English. However, if the content is in another language, you have the option to either utilize our translation services or employ your own preferred translation resources.

Importance of Verifying a Foreign Degree

Academic Evaluation facilitates US universities to ascertain your eligibility for the specific program of study to which you are seeking admission. The foremost purpose of undergoing a qualifications assessment is to enable American institutions and colleges to validate that your academic credentials align with their admission standards. It is particularly essential because different countries might employ distinct terminology and nomenclature for various courses and certifications.

Great work from International Evaluations! Very professional, asked the right questions to figure out all the details to make sure everything is correct. Pleasant to talk to, and very responsive. I highly recommended international evaluations to anyone.

Tigran Petrosyan Google Review

I compared many credential evaluations services and found the process of degree evaluation by International Evaluations to be very simple and affordable. They provided me with a well-formatted evaluation report and timely services.

Mayank Jain Google Review

International Evaluations strives to satisfy their clients as much as possible. I am very pleased with the results of my evaluation conducted by international evaluations. I will recommend international evaluations to my friends and relatives. Thank you!!

Harshit Aggarwal Google Review


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How It Works

Our Process

Explore our meticulous process, designed to seamlessly guide you through academic evaluations, expert opinions, qualification letters, work experience assessments, business plans, and translations. Your success, our journey together.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Complete the online form with background details, academic goals, and service preferences. Get expert guidance on the most suitable service plan for your needs.

Step 2

Document Collection

Choose your service plan, receive a document checklist, and submit necessary records for immediate processing.

Step 3

Case Preparation

A dedicated expert will evaluate, research, and draft a detailed, tailored evaluation report. You will get a draft to review before the final report.

Step 4

Final Delivery

Once you approve, the final report will be sent in PDF format. You can opt for mail delivery for an extra fee. Transparent communication ensures satisfaction throughout the process.

F. A. Q's

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about academic evaluations, how they work, and their importance for your educational and professional goals.

Our evaluations are often conducted by experts, who are typically independent from our organization, specializing in the assessment and verification of foreign credentials.

The time required for academic evaluation can vary depending on the plan that you opt for. Normally it takes 5-7 business days.

A general academic evaluation may be sufficient for some purposes, such as admission to certain educational programs.