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Expert Opinion Letter

Expert Opinion Letter refers to any evaluation conducted by an independent specialist or professor. An expert opinion letter specifically addresses an individual’s academic and employment experience qualifications. An expert opinion letter is attached to your course-by-course evaluation. It provides the viewpoint of a college professor in the relevant field. To satisfy U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) criteria, Expert Opinion letters are tailored to each unique case based on an applicant’s academic and employment requirements.

Our letters describe in depth each of the academic, experience, and/or skill criteria and each job responsibility, offering a wider context for understanding the responsibilities and needs of a position and providing insight into regular industry practices and occupational business necessities.

For instance, our L-1A expert opinion letters analyze the management and/or executive nature of occupations in order to assess if the designated post qualifies for L-1A classification and if the beneficiary qualifies as an L-1A managerial executive.

Our L-1B assessments are expert opinion letters that describe the specialized knowledge necessary to perform in certain occupations and the method by which knowledge is transferred throughout subsidiary and affiliate organizations within transnational corporations.

In addition, we give letters of expert opinion in response to Requests for Evidence and other inquiries from the USCIS.

With an experienced network of university professors, we can complete expert opinion letters in a wide range of academic disciplines for a variety of immigration-related purposes, including responses to requests for evidence (RFEs).

We collaborate with a vast network of university instructors in a variety of fields to ensure we provide an Expert Opinion Letter. Typically, academics will demand additional information than what is required for a typical Course-by-Course review. This may consist of academic transcripts, letters of employment verification, and specific job descriptions.

International Evaluations is always available to help you select the type of expert opinion letter you require.


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