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Parts of Request for Evidences (RFEs)

Received an RFE? Don’t know much about it? For those who are new to this terminology, don’t panic. On a technical level, an RFE is a written request for more evidences, by USCIS. This means that they want to have a proof to make a decision on a given application. In this blog, we will […]

Request For Evidence

A Guide through H1-B RFE

An RFE stands for Request For Evidence, this is issued upon by USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) mainly due to lack of primary evidence issued by the petitioner (employee). RFE for H1-B Visas Usually, people come into panic mode when an RFE is issued, just put it simply that your application is not rejected […]

How To Avoid RFE in Marriage Based Green Card

An RFE, the name suggests, is solely a call for participation for additional documentation. It means the USCIS officer reviewing your application desires additional data before he or she will build a call. An RFE doesn’t mean that your application goes to be denied or perhaps that it’s additionally possible to be denied than if […]


How to Avoid an RFE on Your Immigration Visa Application?

An RFE or “Request for Evidence” on an immigration visa application is most usually a result of not providing enough evidence that USCIS requires. RFEs can be quite lengthy and difficult to understand. It can take a lot of effort to respond to. Thus, can usually delay your application for immigration to USCIS. It’s best to avoid an RFE by submitting a complete application in […]

Expert opinion letter

How To Write An Expert Opinion Letter?

By definition, expert opinion letter is made by professors or distinguished industry authorities to provide an “Expert Opinion”. Generally, it is required for extraordinary ability petitions, responding RFE’s or cases that require the opinion of an expert. The expert opinion letters are specifically for an individual’s academic qualifications and employment experience to satisfy USCIS requirements/petitions […]

work experience evaluation

Dealing with Request for Evidence (RFE)

You are a foreign national candidate and applied for an Immigration for the US. You have done all the documentation, filled out forms, and sent them to USCIS. You did your best to make sure you submit all the possible information. It’s not just documentation but your dream, the hope for better career opportunities. But, […]

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