Expert Opinion letter, RFE’s, and H1-B visa

An expert opinion letter is a letter from an industry-level professional association stating that they have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a specific specialty, a requirement for entry into the field.

Or you can term it as a letter that supports your initial application or denial appeal.


RFE’s or requests for evidence come into play by the U.S. immigration department when they think they have incomplete evidence about the preferred position, completion of bachelor’s degree in a specific specialty, beneficiary status, or labor condition application.

RFE’s are nothing but you can think of it as one more chance to get your petition approved.

Special requests for RFE’s can include H1-B special occupation, beneficiary qualification, availability of work, and general requests.

H1-B Special Occupation

This nonimmigrant classification applies to people who wish to perform services in a special occupation, services of exceptional merit and ability.

Specialty occupation can be termed as theoretical and practical application and highly specific knowledge, breaking it into simpler terms that one can perform a task that requires special skills which other workers don’t have relating to different departments.

For a position to be termed as special occupation, the nature of specification duties should be so specific and complex that knowledge to perform such duties cab behold with a person with a minimum bachelor’s degree or the job is so complex that it can be performed by a certain individual with a degree.

To Perform

To perform one should be holding a U.S. bachelor or higher degree requested by a specific occupation from an accredited college or university or one should hold an unrestricted license, registration, or certification that authorizes one to fully practice the specialty occupation and be immediately engaged in that specialty in the state of intended employment.

Labor Condition Application (LCA)

Special occupation employers must obtain a certification from LCA and DOL. It includes that the employer will be subject to fines, bars if a violation is issued.

Application Conditions

  • The employer will pay the same amount and no less wage to the worker as compared to other workers or greater than the previous wage in the geographical area in which the employee is working.
  • The employer will provide conditions that will not disturb other employed workers
  • At the time of labor condition, there will be no strike at the place of employment
  • Notice of filing of labor condition application with the DOL has been given to union bargaining representatives.

Specialty Occupation and H1-B

Given an overview of your position fits into a special occupation the chances of getting you an H1-B increase drastically.

What’s need to be done

As the denial rates are increasing thanks to COVID and much stricter norms because of previous U.S. government, you must showcase your application that it qualifies in the first attempt if not then our leading experts from various fields including professors, Ph.D. holders, managers will evaluate you both work experience as well as academic and showcases how it is equivalent to the necessary academic criteria as well as in terms of skill needed for a particular field.

They have been in this field for quite some time, they know what they are doing.

What’s needed

  • Academic related documents like transcripts, mark sheets
  • All detailed resumes specifying jobs held, job duties from previous employers specifying periods of employment.
  • Supporting letter from previous employers specifying periods of employment, job duties.

Our experts cover a wide variety of from mechanical, fashion design, medicine, nursing, construction management, finance, and more. So go ahead without a doubt and succeed in your professional working goals Trust International Evaluations. We know your goals are important.




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