How To Write An Expert Opinion Letter?

By definition, expert opinion letter is made by professors or distinguished industry authorities to provide an “Expert Opinion”. Generally, it is required for extraordinary ability petitions, responding RFE’s or cases that require the opinion of an expert. The expert opinion letters are specifically for an individual’s academic qualifications and employment experience to satisfy USCIS requirements/petitions for H1B visas.

Also, an expert opinion for H1 B visa is an evaluation which is a document- to – document, which provides you with the written letter or opinion from a university professor in the specific field. This requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree equivalent degree. Also includes academic transcripts, employment verification letters, and experienced letters, offer letters, resume, and other job descriptions. At International Evaluation, we have experts that are happy to help you with the expert opinion letter to meet any need for your credential evaluations or USCIS petitions. Also, if you need a translation of your transcripts, we are there at your service.

Our Expert Opinion Specialty Areas

International Evaluations assist immigration clients by referring to university professors and experts to support H1B petitions to USCIS. The USCIS determines foreign educational degree equivalencies and professional experience, extraordinary ability (O-1 and EB-1), establishes “specialty occupation” or industry standards for professional positions, responds to PERM audits, etc.

The following expert opinion letters for the academic degree fields have been approved by USCIS. They are business in accounting, business administration, finance, management, marketing, etc. Computer and Information Technology, Engineering/Technology fields, Humanities/Art, Sciences, service field, etc.

Templates for Expert Opinion Letter for RFE (H-1B)

At International Evaluations, we use the following H1B Specialty Occupation RFE response assuming that the job position and beneficiary meet the USCIS requirements. We see the goal as providing clarity in the instructions so that it helps to understand the what and why of the content. So, the basic content for an Expert Opinion Letter for H1B is below.

  • Header including Expert credentials, the purpose of the letter, and date.
  • General overview about the letter along with the expert’s findings.
  • Expert’s credentials
  • Company overview as the expert should understand the company responsibilities completely align to the objectives of the company.
  • Job position duties must be listed along with an explanation of how the position meets specialty occupation requirements.
  • Beneficiary’s qualifications.

The complete understanding of the specialty occupation and the queries related to it:

  • What are specialty occupation requirements?
  • Do I qualify for a specialty occupation?
  • What is a specialty occupation RFE?
  • What are common reasons for a specialty occupation RFE?

Lastly, in the evaluation report, the expert provides an in-depth analysis that explains why the job position meets specialty occupation requirements. In other words, the expert should explain why the responsibilities are so specialized that they would require the attainment of a bachelor’s degree or above. Sometimes, the report includes the beneficiary’s background, particularly qualification if the USCIS asked it for.


It is very important to understand that denial rates are increasing day by day. The employer can lose time due to the increase in the denials and cost them millions of dollars delays and contract penalties. Therefore, letters from talented experts are required who have successfully supported visa applications. An expert opinion letter for H1B visa from International Evaluations can give an extra edge to your petition to USCIS. Contact us today.

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