How to Get Work Permit For the US?

You need to apply for a work permit after getting full-time employment in the United States. A work permit is a photo identity card issued by USCIS, also known as Employment Authorization Document or EAD. In short, to work in the USA, you need an H-1B work visa sponsored by a US-based company. The H1B visas are issued for specific roles like IT, software engineering, finance, etc. International students consider whether they can get a work visa after graduating in their desired fields or not. Also, they may have to come back to their home country after their graduation.

The elements to get the H1-B work visa

For H-1B visas, the annual cap is 65,000, with an extra 20,000 for foreign workers with a master’s degree or higher. These figures are exempted H-1B renewals, foreign workers at higher education institutions, either in government or non-profit research. It is important to understand that when you get an H1B visa, you can only work for that employer who has sponsored you for the visa. Also, H1B visas are issued for 3 years after which they can be reissued for another 3 years, a total of 6 years. After 6 years, if your employer has filed your green card application, you can keep extending your H1B visa yearly. If in case your green card has not been filed after 6 years, then you need to leave the USA . This is for at least 1 year before you can get an H1B visa again for 3 years.

The role of the US government for H1-B work visa

The new Biden administration made changes in the regulation proposed by the US former President Donald Trump. Earlier the rules have narrowed the definition of “specialty occupation” under the H1-B work visa program. To ease the reforms, the removal of regulation is being welcome relief for many international IT firms in particular, which are the biggest receipt of the US H-1B work visa. But overall, the US government plays very strictly for H1B work visas. To get the visas is extremely competitive and subject to strict rules. In case, if the USCIS receives more H1B applications than the quota, there is a system of lottery, where you are picked up by the lottery depending upon your luck.

There are F1 visas, granted to come back to the home country after completing studies. Thus, proving that you have no intention of working in the USA after graduation. Contrary to this, you need an H1B visa, if you want to stay in the USA and work here. There is a possibility that you start working in the US until your company has applied for an H1 B visa. It is important, why people prefer not to travel after graduating until received an H1B visa.


To summarize, you should be aware of H-1B work visa rules so that you can plan your job and decide upon the work accordingly. International Evaluations are there as we carefully analyze and provide you with updated information. Moreover, about the work experience evaluation that is mandatory to apply H-1B work visa. So, you are welcome if you like to apply for the H-1B work visa from us. We ensure that you get the correct guidance and help.

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