How to Avoid Pitfalls for Work Permit Visas

The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign companies to transfer managers, executives, or a platform with specialized knowledge to a U.S. company.

The U.S. company must be a branch, office, parent, subsidiary of the foreign company. The employee that is transferred must work as a manager, executive, or person with specialized knowledge.

If the person works as a manager, executive, the visa is known as an L1 visa. If the employee will work as a person with specialized knowledge it is known as an L1B visa. The L1 visa is not eligible for self-petition. The U.S. company must file the petition on employees’ behalf. Thus the U.S. company is known as the petitioner and the L1 visa recipient is known as the beneficiary.

The L1 visa allows you to work and live in the United States for extended periods and also provides immigration for your spouse and children.

Mistakes to Avoid

L1 A: An insight at the difference b/w a functional and personal manager

While the criteria for a manager is familiar to most attorneys, not every position fits the definition as nearly as USCIS demands. One thing that is constantly challenged is that either the person will be acting as a personnel or functional manager.

The functional manager manages a critical task of the organization’s business, while a personnel manager more explicitly manages and supervises the task of people at work. The regular L1-A definition includes both aspects of management, but if only one applies to your candidate, you should mention it in the petition, because if you don’t, the USCIS will issue a challenge if you pick the wrong one.

For whichever person is selected, it is important to make sure the managerial tasks are laid out clearly in the job description either if the candidate worked in the previous position or the domestic position they want to continue.

L1-B Petition: Knowledge should be Specialized and also Specific

When it comes to specialized knowledge tasks, don’t leave it to USCIS’s imagination to find it out, make it description able and tangible, like machinery, equipment, sales portfolio, or software system, don’t be afraid to go into the detail.

If the scenario comes to an argument that the candidate is exceptionally skilled on a general level the USCIS will not consider their case in specialized knowledge and wants to know that knowledge will come out as an outcome in the requited position as certainly utilized.

For example, saying that the candidate is experienced in machinery, the supporting document should go into detail of complexities of the machinery, as well as how the foreign and domestic roles go utilized into this specialized knowledge.

Sometimes the companies most detailed job letters won’t do the job of describing the company’s technologies. For those instances reaching out to us for greater analysis and investigation into candidates, specialized knowledge will seem worthy by checking out our expert opinion letter.

Expert Opinion Letter

An expert opinion letter is a supporting letter in your initial application. It addresses academic and employment experience qualifications. Simply putting it as it can be, if the USCIS agent doubts that your qualification meets the criteria for special occupancy, they can request evidence in which expert opinion letter comes handy by supporting your case of how your position relates to your knowledge, abilities.

The Documents Needed:

  • Academic (work-related document in English and notarized)
  • Detailed resume specifying jobs eld, name of companies, job duties.
  • Supporting letters from previous employers specifying periods of employment, job titles, job duties.

You can choose us as our experts include Ph.D. holders. High-level professors, experienced managers, and executives can add a lot to your applied application by their experience.


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