How to Avoid an RFE on Your Immigration Visa Application?

Request for Evidence

An RFE or “Request for Evidence” on an immigration visa application is most usually a result of not providing enough evidence that USCIS requires. RFEs can be quite lengthy and difficult to understand. It can take a lot of effort to respond to. Thus, can usually delay your application for immigration to USCIS. It’s best to avoid an RFE by submitting a complete application in the initial stage. For that, you need to follow USCIS’s application instructions to the letter and include all the important documents, to avoid an RFE. To help you avoid an RFE on your immigration visa application, here are a few tips,

While your application, provide all required documents or evidence

While applying the file with USCIS for immigration, there are instructions available with the application form that guide you on exactly how to prepare the forms. The instructions also contain required evidence that you should include with your application for submission to USCIS. For instance, if you applying for a marriage green card, and don’t include the proof of your marriage, who will certainly get an RFE from USCIS. The documents in your application should be complete and easy to read to avoid any possibility of an RFE.

Include translations of all your documents in a foreign language

USCIS does not accept the documents you submitted as evidence if they are in a language other than English. It is assured that if you do not provide a certified English language translation to USICS, then you may receive an RFE. Your documentation must be translated into English by a translator. This is so that the representative reviewing your application can understand itLegal translation services must be consulted in order to maintain its integrity.

At International Evaluations, we provide an excellent translation service, that is trustworthy and reliable. Also, we choose those translators those can produce document accurate with no language or spellings mistakes.

Income of Visa sponsor’s

Usually, an RFE happens, if the application is incomplete. In family-based immigrant visas, an RFE can happen if the petitioner sponsoring on behalf of the beneficiary. In case the sponsor’s income is not enough, or you don’t provide enough information to show that your sponsor’s income is not high enough, USCIS may send you RFE. USCIS may make a stronger case about your sponsor’s financial standing. Sometimes, you may even require to find an additional sponsor.

Provide proof of legal entry

In case if you are submitting your immigration application from inside the U.S., you must submit proof that you entered the United States legally. You can show this with your records and passport with the stamp. In case if you don’t provide evidence that is a must for the legal entry, you could receive an RFE. This is to clarify the details of your arrival in the US.


To summarize, the best way to avoid an Request For Evidence is to submit a complete application the first time. At International Evaluations, we check out the complete guide for step-by-step guidance in completing your application. We also check to ensure you are not missing any important information while processing your application. In case, you receive an RFE, we can help you to prepare an expert opinion letter, beneficiary qualification letter, etc to help you in solving RFE.



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