How do I Get the Expert Opinion Letter for H1B?

What do you need to do, if you receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) letter from USCIS? The answer is you need to submit an expert opinion letter. It simply means that your application is in process and USCIS is considering your application carefully and requires more information. Remember, it is important to know that an RFE letter does not mean that your USCIS visa application is denied.

What is an Expert Opinion Letter?

To understand the value of the Expert Opinion Letter, let us see it in terms of the USCIS agent. For example, the background of a USCIS agent’s academic and professional background is different. Therefore, s/he is unfamiliar with your skills and area of expertise. This resulted in RFE because s/he is seeking evidence of whether a beneficiary meets the criteria for immigration. 

An expert opinion letter could possibly be of two types. 1) A letter from organizations or people in business that employs and choose only the selected degreed individuals. 2) A letter from an industry showing the connection that they have produced a bachelor’s or master’s degree, necessary to enter into the field.

Sometimes, receiving an RFE can be stressful. It can be difficult with your foreign degree being accepted by the USCIS. In case, this is the situation then it’s important to choose the right evaluator that can help and guide you properly. We are specialized and make every effort to help you qualified for the H-1B work visa or 1-140. We deliver the best expert opinion letters and other evaluation reports that offer you success. So, not to worry if you have foreign credentials from outside the US. These foreign degrees if evaluated properly as the US equivalent can be accepted by the USCIS. An Expert Opinion Letter from International Evaluations can help him with all the evidence and detailed transparent documents related to the beneficiary’s position and background. Thus, providing USCIS, with all the information meeting visa requirements or H-1B work visa.


International Evaluations have a team of professors and consultants who prepare expert opinion letters. They have a good connection with evaluators who handles these cases. So, if you are a visa applicant who has received a request for evidence, it is a good investment to work with International Evaluations. We have a group of experienced evaluators that can guide you better and can tell you better whether you would gain from an Expert Opinion Letter or not.

David Spangler
David Spangler

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