Dealing with Request for Evidence (RFE)

You are a foreign national candidate and applied for an Immigration for the US. You have done all the documentation, filled out forms, and sent them to USCIS. You did your best to make sure you submit all the possible information. It’s not just documentation but your dream, the hope for better career opportunities. But, you received “Request for Evidence” or RFE. This is not what you have expected. Does that mean immigration denies your application?

What is Request for Evidence (RFE)?

It simply means that an applicant who has applied for immigration has to prove their eligibility for this benefit. Receiving an RFE means that you have not submitted sufficient information or your documentation to approve your application to USCIS. In other words, an RFE implies that you have to support your application with more documents.

Why Do People Get RFE?

Sometimes a minor mistake in the filing can be a reason for the RFE. For example, you have forgotten to include one of the necessary documentation that can be the reason for RFE. Mostly, USCIS issues the RFE to allow you to supplement the application with the essential documentation that you have missed.

What to do if You Receive RFE?

At International Evaluations, Request for Evidence (RFEs) are read carefully and submitted promptly before the deadline. An applicant must comply with all requests for information as thoroughly as possible in a single response. We make your response to an RFE a higher chance of approval as we help you to make your documents organized. Applicants should ensure that the information they provide is transparent and easy to locate so that there is not a single loophole in the process. In most cases, the degrees of the applicant is not recognized in the U.S. So, International Evaluations find the U.S. equivalent of your country documents and submit them along with your application.

At last, people can trust us for their evaluations as many have the wrong impression that applying for immigration is just filling out forms. International Evaluations help people to avoid RFE as the procedure carried down is more systematic as we try to provide all the sufficient information initially.

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