Why is it necessary to have your Credentials Evaluated?

Credentials Evaluated

Education is an elementary foundation stone of one’s career. We spent a considerable amount of time and energy in education to secure our future and thus invest to attain educational degrees. In case someone wants to come to the USA, these degrees can play a fundamental part. If these degrees do not get recognized by US foreign universities, then all the hard work seems a waste.

It is vital to get your degrees/diplomas evaluated by experts or organizations before applying to US universities. Obtaining a credential evaluated degree is the first step for a skilled worker aspiring to work in the US. In short, your credential evaluation helps you to achieve recognition for your entire academics.

International Evaluations is the trusted agency that provides an evaluation of your credentials. Before you get to know us more, let’s understand the concept and requirements of a credential evaluation.

Importance of Credential Evaluation

So, what exactly is a credential evaluation? In simple terms, a credential evaluation is the valuation of your degrees/diplomas through an expert. S/he analyses your national education degrees those you have attained in your native land to provide a US equivalent. It means conversion of your academic credentials to fall in line with the academic credential system of the USA. There are universities, employers, etc who expect an evaluated degree from independent credential auditors. Generally, if you are applying for US universities, you need evaluated degrees. The university can ask for your evaluated degree. Even if you apply for employment in the US, you need to submit an evaluated degree for the documentation process. It is a very critical process, only experts with knowledge of international education systems can perform a full credential evaluation document.

Why do we need a credential evaluation?

The necessity of a credential evaluation arises from the fact that each country has its education system. Thus, accurate and precise validation is required of a candidate’s marks/percentage & their degrees to be calculated through a proper evaluation.


International Evaluations is a trusted organization, where we analyze and compare your given degrees of a certain university to that of the U.S equivalent. We assess your credentials on the basis of the education system of your native country, reputation of the university you attended & curriculum  of your program me. We understand your requirements and all the hard work you have put in your academics and work experience to be duly recognized, in the US.



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