Why Foreign Students May Need a Credential Evaluation

Credential Evaluation

The credential evaluation is a report that equates your given grades in the university to that of the U.S. equivalent. This is easily understandable by those who are familiar with the U.S. grading system. The benefit of having credentials evaluation is that the universities, colleges you are applying to the U.S. will be able to understand your given grades and thus they can evaluate your grades.

Who is involved in credential evaluations?

In the United States, there is no specific agency, department like the ministry of education that does it. Well, there are some colleges, universities that do them but most people rely on evaluation agencies who do these credential evaluations.

Different kinds of evaluation reports

There are different kinds of evaluation reports one can opt for, from basic to detailed (course by course evaluation). In the basic one, one’s overall grades the university where they have studied, its recognition, course length, entry requirement is all taken into consideration and a report equivalent to the U.S. grading system is made.

Course by Course

In detail, course by course, all the transcripts, grade scores, credit hours, all of them are converted to U.S. equivalents. Some of them will convert it to G.P.A which is a standard on how grades are evaluated in the U.S., which is necessary if a person is applying for a graduate degree.

How are foreign credentials evaluated to U.S. equivalent?

Agencies use a variety of tools and resources to determine, assess the given international institution and to evaluate the grades, academic achievements of the U.S. system, and standards of education.

How are evaluation reports recognized?

These are not recognized by every institution. Ultimately it is relied on the institution on how they wanna look at it, reports are not bound to any institution and are only advisory. The institution is not bound by any service provider and their opinions even if they recommend the service.

Who needs a credential evaluation?

You’ll need a credential evaluation to mostly all the institutions you are applying to in the U.S. This is because it describes your previous grades scores, credentials and helps it to understand by respective institutions and will likely be a part of your application for admission. You’ll be told by your advisor to have it done as it will be a part of the checklist of the university you are applying to.

Costs and documents needed

Costs depend upon the type of evaluation, basic or detailed, it differs from agency to agency like if they charge for each credential. Usually, basic evaluation costs around $150, and detailed goes from $150 to $650. It depends from organization to organization you are applying to. You can check the website for the variety of documents needed.

Why International Evaluations?

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