Why Credential Evaluations are Needed for Immigration

Why Credential Evaluations

When applying for a visa for the U.S. you must sum up the criteria for credentials equivalent to work or study in the U.S. This might need you to have a certain amount of work or educational degree to get admitted into a job and it must be claimed by the U.S. grading criteria. This needs some degree, which if you fail to present might fail your chances of working or studying in the U.S.

The best way to get admitted is to have a U.S. graduation degree or its equivalent but the case rises that given your degree it must be translated into proper language. So, the best way is to get done a credential evaluation.

Types and Understanding of Credential Reports

Credential evaluations are done by immigration solution agencies which charge a fee for that. The reason to trust them is that they have experts who know how to sum up and present your academic and work qualification to as per U.S. equivalent degree which increases your chances up to a great extent to get a visa application accepted.

The thing is that if you are looking for a report for further studies you can opt for Academic evaluation or if you want to get into a specific course you can go for the course-by-course evaluations in which all your transcripts, achievements come into place or if you are looking for work purposes you can opt for work experience evaluation in which your academic and work records comes into play.

The Right Service for your Credential Evaluation

The USCIS doesn’t provide a list of immigration services providers list but does provide guidelines that evaluation creating reports/agencies has to follow of U.S. National Council for the evaluation of foreign educational credentials.

Since the establishment of USCIS regulations, the council dissolved in march 2006, but the principles of good practice remain in place and are championed by AACRAO IESC (American association of college registrars and admission officers International Education Standards Council) and AICE which is the first organization with published standards that oversee private credential evaluation agencies.

AICE is one of those organizations which oversee these agencies by the U.S. Department of education, thus electing an agency that is endorsed by a member of AICE or NACES, the other association of evaluation agencies helps ensure that the evaluation report will be accepted by USCIS.

Documents and Time Details

The USCIS doesn’t set standards for the kind of documents that are required for evaluation. The documents, time vary from agency to agency and kind of evaluation. You can think of it as in your country, for educational purposes you have required the transcripts, the same will be needed for educational evaluation but it may vary from agency to agency what they need for specific evaluation.

The time also differs like for physical send-off of documents and evaluation it takes around 7 days but the time is short if documents are received electronically both reducing the risk of misplacement of documents.

Evaluation Report Use

While filing your application, USCIS needs all your documents varying of which depend on the type of application you are applying for. So, it is advisable to present all your copies of the required documents in the first attempt. Also, it is advisable if you attach a copy of the documents to your resume/CV. Also, during the immigration interview process keep your originals with you. As to which agency you want to select the best is which can hand out the copies of your documents whenever needed which reduces the delay time and also the chances of your petition being rejected.

Why Us?

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