What is Work Experience Evaluation to issue an H1B visa?

Work Experience Evaluation

The Work Experience evaluation is required when a consultant’s formal education is not equivalent to the minimum education requirement of the consultant’s prospective employment. At International Evaluations, we take care that our expert panel takes into account the individual’s professional experience and issue a degree equivalency based on the USCIS regulations. Therefore, an International Evaluations expert/professor can help in issuing an H1B visa.

What is Work Experience Expert Letter?

The Work Experience Expert Letter is an evaluation from an expert, typically a college professor, that can be based exclusively on work experience credentials or on a combination of academic/experiential credentials. International Evaluations will assign the evaluation to an appropriate expert in a field directly related to the candidate’s experience. Our professors look at how training and overall employment duties filled by the candidate equate to academic credit based on USCIS standards. These letters will be accompanied by the evaluating expert’s credentials which will typically include their resume and proof that they have the authority to grant university-level credits based on experience.

In order to produce a Work Experience Expert Letter, we require the following:

  • A thorough resume detailing specific jobs held, names of employers, dates of employment, and responsibilities of the positions held.
  • Reference letters from previous employers verifying all details of the employment mentioned in the resume.
  • All academic records, including university transcripts, diplomas, and English translations

The work experience evaluation is provided for immigration purposes predominantly for those applying for H-1B visas. The report evaluates both an individual’s professional work history (using the USCIS “three-for-one rule”) along with his/her academic qualifications in order to achieve a Bachelor’s degree equivalency. It means when making a determination whether a foreign national possesses the required academic credentials necessary for an H-1B occupation, the USCIS will consider three years of specialized training and/or work experience to be the equivalent of one year of college education.

A Master’s degree equivalency may also be achieved through work experience under the USCIS “Bachelor’s plus five rules” in which an individual who possesses a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent and a minimum of five years of professional work experience may be considered to have the equivalent of a U.S. Master’s degree.

International Evaluations is a dedicated organization providing the highest quality evaluation services for all your H1B specialty occupation-related queries. Our services include RFE solutions, Expert Opinion Letters, Education/Work Experience Evaluations.


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