Things You Want to Know for Academic Evaluation for H-1B

Academic Evaluation for H-1B

The H1B application season has begun during March and April, and you might require an evaluation of your academic credentials. Probably, you have not heard anything called academic evaluation before. In the article, we will review the points on what is academic evaluation and why you need it for H1B application.

What is Academic Evaluation for H1B?

Academic evaluation, also known as Foreign Credential Evaluation, is a service provided by International Evaluations to evaluate your educational degrees and transcripts as per US equivalency evaluation standards. The purpose of your foreign credential evaluation is to determine whether your degree is equivalent to the US degree for H1B. There are two types of academic evaluations:

  • Document by Document Evaluation/ Diploma Evaluation
  • Course by Course Evaluation

Why you may need an Academic Evaluation for H1B?

As per USCIS, anyone who wanted to enter the US with an H1B visa, required to have at least a US bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. This is the approval you might ask for from USCIS by showing them evidence of your academic evaluation that you are eligible for an H1B visa. This can be done by showing that either you have a US bachelor’s degree or your foreign degree is equivalent to the US standards.

How do I obtain an Academic Evaluation for H1B?

You can contact International Evaluations, a trustworthy agency that specialises in credential evaluation services, to have your foreign degree evaluated for H1B. Your US equivalent report is a combination of your education and training related to the specialty occupation for the H1B visa.

What documents may you need for an H1B Academic Evaluation?

You can contact International Evaluations and start the process of evaluating your degrees. For this, you need the following documents for the H1B:

  • Copies of Degree/Diploma Certificates, Transcripts, Postgraduate Degree.
  • Certified English Translations if academic documents are in a foreign language.

What does an Academic Evaluation Report for H1B include?

An academic evaluation report for H1B includes:

  • Evaluation Outline and Analysis for each degree/diploma/transcript.
  • Dates of attendance and location of your college/department/institution.
  • Profile of your college/institution and programmes (entry criteria, status of the institution, and length of study).
  • Signatures from an expert/professor related to your educational background.
  • Resume of an expert/professor.
  • At last, the U.S. equivalent recommendation for each level of credential earned.
  1. How much does an H1B Academic Evaluation cost?

At International Evaluations, we do your academic evaluation, both document-by-document evaluation and course-by-course evaluation. This is the basic requirement for your H1B visa a per the USCIS’s requirements. The pricing may vary depending on the processing time.


So, in case you get frustrated by your H1B application process and need your documentation to be done as per USCIS’s notice, the first thing you need to do is contact International Evaluations and get your academic evaluation done. So, what is making you stop? Contact us today for a right quote, and we will provide quality academic evaluation reports for your H1B application. Good luck!


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