Software Engineer Moving to U.S. Need Degree Evaluation?

Need Degree Evaluation

What is a Degree Evaluation?

Are you a software engineer and want to enter the USA? For this, you need to require a degree evaluation report that compares your education in your homeland country with the U.S. education standards. International Evaluation handles two main types of educational evaluation. 1) A general document-by-document, which is needed for the immigration purpose by the USCIS. It assesses the your foreign academic credentials. 2) A course-by-course evaluation is similar to the document-by-document evaluation. It differs in, as it contains list of the courses you have taken, grades received and credits earned. It is commonly used for U.S. university or graduate school applications.

What is Credential Evaluation Report?

If you have got some work experience along with education, then your skills need to be verified. For this, International Evaluations provide expert opinion or professional work experience evaluation. There are chances when your education is not computer engineering while you get a U.S. job offer based on your professional experience. Thus, you need a credential evaluation report, that evaluates both an individual’s professional work history and educational evaluation to establish a Bachelor’s degree equivalency to the U.S.

We need all your degrees, certifications, or licenses, which include all your transcripts, diplomas, degrees, certificates for immigration. These copies of documents would be included in the evaluation report to prove the U.S. equivalency. The time required for the degree evaluations needs at least one week to process after you pay and send all the documentation to International Evaluations.

Furthermore, different countries have different educational requirements for universities and master’s degrees. For example, in Australia, a bachelor’s degree program may vary as compared to India. For the H-1B visa, the applicant must hold an equivalent to at least a 4-year U.S. bachelor’s degree. A three-year foreign college degree is insufficient to show the applicant meets the requirement for immigration.

At International Evaluations, we help you to get your educational credentials equivalency evaluations. We are a trusted provider, so call us today.

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