Need Your Foreign Education Evaluation?

As we know your credential evaluation compares the academic and professional degrees which you earned in your country to the academic and professional degrees earned in the US. These evaluations can be part of your admissions for further education or the employment/hiring process. The Course-by-Course report is the majority the most selling report. It works for most purposes, but it is always recommended to confirm from the institution to which you are applying, what type of report is required. Either way, your credential evaluation can help you in continuing either your education or furthering your career.

Why I Need My Foreign Education Evaluation

For Further Study

Coming to the United States for undergraduate, the graduate study can be exciting but challenging for international students. At International Evaluations, we make the process easier by providing an accurate, comprehensive academic credential evaluation. In this way, we help colleges and universities in the US to understand your educational background through our evaluation.

For Employment

It’s always been a dream for foreign nationals to come to the US and applied for a job. For this, your educational experience and credentials play an important role. If you are applying for a job in the US, it can be difficult for employers to understand your qualifications. So, our credential evaluation reports can help your employers understand your international academic qualifications. Also, it gives the confidence that you are qualified for the position and can fully perform the job duties.

For Immigration

It is required that your credential evaluation report for all visas applications should have at least the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree or higher. You will need this credential evaluation report for applying to USCIS for an H-1B or a Green Card.

Therefore, at International Evaluations, we have one perfect solution for you. No matter, whatever may be the reason for evaluation, we make the evaluation process easier than you think.  

David Spangler
David Spangler

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