How to Look for Jobs using an H1B database

Are you looking working in the United States of America? If yes, then you should be aiming for H1B jobs. The fact is, it requires you to be qualified and skilled for the specialty occupation list. The list can be in IT sector, engineering, mathematics, science, medical and more. If you are applicable then the next step is to look for companies that sponsor H1B visas. To get the information about different sponsors, the H1B database can be the best source to obtain. Here, is the following guide that focuses on how to use database for the job search.

A sponsor is mandatory for an H1B job if you are an:

  • F1 student who is currently on Optional Practical Training (OPT) and willing to get a permanent employment option.
  • L1 visa holder who is willing to change the status to H1B
  • H1B visa holder who is willing to join a new employer
  • F2, H4 visa holder or other status who is willing to change the status to H1B

The data is disclosed by the Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification through certification of Labor Condition Applications submitted by different U.S. employers or companies. The H1B database extract information from here to help the H1B job seekers.

The Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) runs the application which maintains the Labor Certification Registry. Anyone can conduct a quick search using the records to find information about company employers those have submitted the Labor Condition Applications before filling the H1B petitions. Further, you can search the database using these criterions and filters like:

  • Case Type: Apart from H1B visa cases, the information is also available for Green Card PERM cases, H-2A, H-2B and more
  • State or territory of intended employment/ZIP code
  • Employer name, if you want to search for information associated with a particular U.S. employer
  • Certification date range to specifically search for Labor Condition Applications within a period

How To Search Database for H1B Job?

Following are some tips on searching for an H1B job using these databases:

You can search in the H1B Labor Condition Application salary database using search filters like employer name, job title, work state and fiscal year. You may use one or a combination of these filters. Suppose, you search for the job title ‘Software Engineer’. The search results would return with H1B visa case petition number, Employer’s name, LCA status, Job title, Wage offered etc.

If you click on the employer’s name, you can get the year-wise details of the number of LCAs filed, certified, denied and withdrawn. You may also obtain lists of employers or companies that filed H1B petitions. You can also find out specific job positions that are available with different employers that are currently filing H1B petitions. This would help you shortlist the employers who have job positions related to your field, skills, interest etc.

The most useful way is to search by the job title only. If you are sure about the job position and a particular location you wish to join, these search results would help you target the specific employers offering these positions. Also, these databases also offer list of H1B violators, those have been found to be a defaulter.

Making the H1B visa job search fruitful?

Finding sponsors and job positions available with them is not enough. Here is the list you must do some additional efforts to apply for the right jobs.

  • Approach the top recruiting companies that have contracts with the employers.
  • You may also submit your resume to these companies to broaden the job search.
  • Research about different sponsors in the list using their websites.
  • Consult an immigration attorney. These experts too have lists of top H1B employers or sponsors.
  • As the H1B filing season is nearing, it is the right time to start exploring the H1B visa sponsors database of the previous seasons.


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