How to get your Credential Evaluations for the U.S.

credential evaluations for US

Academic degrees may differ from country to country. One academic qualification accepted in one country may not be accepted in another country. Universities in the U.S. want to make sure that their international students hold undergraduate degrees to match American standards. So, when you apply for a master’s degree you need to submit a credential evaluation for your undergraduate degree.

The Understanding of the Evaluation

Credential evaluation is a report that evaluates degrees earned in one country to those earned in another country. This is the information that is mentioned in the report.

  • It mentions the authenticity of your undergraduate degree.
  • It mentions how your undergraduate degree is equivalent to American standards.
  • It mentions all the courses you took in the undergraduate degree, their credits equivalent as per American standards as well as your grades for that course.
  • It calculates your GPA on a scale of 4.

There will also be some additional information on your report which will vary depending on your type of evaluation. You should have a look at what type of evaluation they want.

Procedure to get your Evaluations

To get your credential evaluation done first you need to choose an agency that provides credential evaluations. Well, there are a no. of agencies, you should go for the one with certified experts and low time interval evaluation. On this note, you can choose the type of evaluation agency of your choice. Sometimes universities mention their preferred agency which is best suitable for them.

When you choose a credential evaluation agency, you have to choose the number of reports you want based on your requirement as well as the address of the universities where you want to send out your reports. Once this is done you need to request your undergraduate institution to send out your transcripts, a copy of your degree, and other academic documents directly to the evaluation agency.

The agency will then assess your degree, generate a credential evaluation report and then send it out to the universities you want to apply to. Taking a noted university wants these reports directly from agencies and not from the student.

If you have done your undergraduate degree from the U.S., you need not get a credential evaluation done. It’s only meant for the universities outside the U.S. Some universities in the U.S. also accept degrees obtained in Canada and don’t want a credential evaluation for them. But it’s best to verify that information with the university in that instance.

Is Credential Evaluation Universally recognized?

The answer is NO. The evaluation report is not accepted at all foreign universities as it depends on certain factors.

  • First credential evaluation differs from country to country. Hence you should mention the country you are applying to before sending out your documents to the evaluation agency.
  • Secondly, not all foreign universities accept credential evaluation as some countries have their educational system and have their evaluation system. In some cases, universities themselves evaluate your degree.
  • Thirdly, there are certain countries, universities that accept and recognize Indian education as it is.

Now that you know the full story and you have the option to choose an agency, we can add points to why you should go for our evaluations. In brief, International Evaluations have top-level experts, best translators and we have the backup of documents ready whenever needed.


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