Your Foreign Credential Evaluation- The Myths

There have been many myths about foreign credential evaluation. Here, we are talking about some common myths that people have about credential evaluation.

Myth 1: The academic certificate or degree of the applicant will be equivalent in the United States.

It is important to know that the academic degree obtained in another country may not be equivalent to a degree obtained in the US. For example, a 3-year honors bachelor’s degree from Australia, UK, or South Africa is equivalent to a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the US. It’s not about just the number of years the degree takes to complete. It depends upon so many other factors while we doing the evaluation.

Myth2: Many think that foreign credential evaluation companies will just issue another academic transcript or certificate.

This is to make clear that we do foreign transcript evaluation have no legal authority to issue any educational certificate, transcript, or diploma. Only duly the U.S. accredited educational institutions have the authority to do so. The only document we issue is the report called credential evaluation report. This report has information pertaining to the applicant’s academic degree/diploma awarded by a non-US institute. Also, has the equivalency of the credentials in the United States.

Myth 3: The process is tedious and time-consuming for foreign credential evaluation.

This is not true. The process is easy if we have obtained all academic documents from the applicant. The verification of education credentials might take some time but it’s definitely not tedious. So, the process can be easy if the evaluators have access to all the required documents.

Myth 4: The evaluation report has no expiry date.

Please note that some evaluation report has a validity of two years, while others can be valid for three years. There are credential evaluation companies that have a policy in place regarding the validity or expiration of the report.

Myth 5: The evaluation report prepared by evaluators are the same format and are accepted throughout the United States.

The format of the report differs just like transcripts and diplomas issued by education institutions (college and universities) are different. The format can not be the same for all the reports. For example, we follow a format that is different from another foreign evaluation company. It is always advised to check with the employer or educational institutions they are applying whether they will accept the format.

Myth 6: The credential evaluation companies charge the same fees for the reports.

The fees of the evaluation company can vary. At, International Evaluation, we do not charge the same fees. The fees are charged depending upon the type of credential evaluation the applicant wants to have. For example, it may vary whether Academic or Work Experience evaluation. It can be an RFE case and to evaluate that we can charge a little high.

Myth 7: Foreign credential evaluation is only for educational purposes.

The credential evaluations besides gaining admission into college or university can be for employment, immigration, or for professional licensure. It depends upon the purpose you are applying for coming to the US. International Evaluations, thus, can help you for your purpose of coming to the US and make your dream come true.

Myth 8: Evaluation companies do not provide translation services.

It is a myth that evaluation companies do not provide translation services. The majority of them are known to provide translation services. International Evaluations is one of the examples of companies that provide certified translation services.


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