Degree Requirements and Foreign Equivalency for H1-B Visa?

academic equivalency

Is what Bachelor Degree Required for your H1-B visa?

It simply refers to a US Bachelor Degree or foreign equivalent. If you are looking for US immigration, the USCIS only allows a combination of academic work and work experience. They are used for your credential evaluation for an H-1B visa petition. If suppose beneficiary has a foreign degree, the highest being the Master Degree, then s/he will need to obtain an Academic Evaluation. This is to show that their degree is equivalent to a US Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. Here, at International Evaluations, we perform accurate academic evaluations accepted by USCIS.

US Equivalent Foreign Degrees

In the United States, a three-year foreign bachelor’s degree is not considered equivalent. This means the beneficiary must possess 4 years of bachelor’s degree. If they have a master’s degree, then 2 years of the master’s are included.

For a good job in the US, not all degrees will qualify you. A well-respected 4 years foreign university with good years of successful professional experience, chances are good enough for the H-1B visa. To qualify furthermore for the H-1B visa, a company must show that they are unable to hire a US citizen or any permanent resident for the position. Then only they can go through a process that is expensive for applying for a visa on your behalf. There is always a number of applications and it depends upon your luck to get it or not. This is an annual procedure the quota system which once filled does not open again until the following year.

At International Evaluations, we help you to prepare for your academic equivalency for an H1-B visa. We take care of professionals that a minimum equivalent of a US Bachelor Degree should be there.

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