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Academic Evaluations

Unveiling the Power of Academic Evaluations: A Roadmap to Success

Unveiling the Power of Academic Evaluations: A Roadmap to Success Introduction: In the dynamic landscape of education and career opportunities, academic evaluations emerge as essential tools for understanding, comparing, and validating educational achievements. Whether you’re a student exploring study abroad options, a professional looking to enhance your qualifications, or an employer seeking to assess a […]

Parts of Request for Evidences (RFEs)

Received an RFE? Don’t know much about it? For those who are new to this terminology, don’t panic. On a technical level, an RFE is a written request for more evidences, by USCIS. This means that they want to have a proof to make a decision on a given application. In this blog, we will […]

H-1 B Request For Evidence

How to get your Credential Evaluations for the U.S.

Academic degrees may differ from country to country. One academic qualification accepted in one country may not be accepted in another country. Universities in the U.S. want to make sure that their international students hold undergraduate degrees to match American standards. So, when you apply for a master’s degree you need to submit a credential […]