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Expert opinion letter

How To Write An Expert Opinion Letter?

By definition, expert opinion letter is made by professors or distinguished industry authorities to provide an “Expert Opinion”. Generally, it is required for extraordinary ability petitions, responding RFE’s or cases that require the opinion of an expert. The expert opinion letters are specifically for an individual’s academic qualifications and employment experience to satisfy USCIS requirements/petitions […]

H-1B visas for the US

How to Get Work Permit For the US?

You need to apply for a work permit after getting full-time employment in the United States. A work permit is a photo identity card issued by USCIS, also known as Employment Authorization Document or EAD. In short, to work in the USA, you need an H-1B work visa sponsored by a US-based company. The H1B visas […]

Translation Services

What if Your Documents Are Not in English?

Each document of yours to be evaluated must be certified in English translation if in case your transcripts are not in English. The process of translating a document from a foreign language into the English language is separate from the evaluation process and therefore, requires a separate consultation. At International Evaluations, we have separate translation […]

Foreign Credential Evaluation

Need Your Foreign Education Evaluation?

As we know your credential evaluation compares the academic and professional degrees which you earned in your country to the academic and professional degrees earned in the US. These evaluations can be part of your admissions for further education or the employment/hiring process. The Course-by-Course report is the majority the most selling report. It works […]

work experience evaluation

Dealing with Request for Evidence (RFE)

You are a foreign national candidate and applied for an Immigration for the US. You have done all the documentation, filled out forms, and sent them to USCIS. You did your best to make sure you submit all the possible information. It’s not just documentation but your dream, the hope for better career opportunities. But, […]

H-1B visas for the US

All You Need To Know About H-1B Visas

It is often seen that U.S. employers always have stress for the lack of qualified staff in their companies. For this, they are in constant search of foreign candidates and need the sponsorship of H-1B visas. Sometimes the employers don’t know what is H-1B visa? They must know all the important information and details about the […]